Stella d'Encore
Store: Love Home & Garden Sim
Creator: Krys  (Krystali Rabieni)

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Ride to Love Home & Garden

Always fun discovering a new store. What brought me here ...was purple Volkswagen Beetle I used to take a few pictures. I liked it and I wanted to find out more about Krys and her creations.
I joined the group...and checked get a lovely surprise...first gift of Christmas. It was         LOVE - THE BOOK LOVER'S TREE. I love books...and I thought this was so creative.

    There are few more unique gifts...I am sure you will like/use/enjoy at least one of them. 
Let me show what I found. If you like....visit Love Home & Garden Store

Lacy Mask in 5 colors.

Cute Antlers
Fill Your space with light and stars

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