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Stella d'Encore
 Every day I run around collecting gifts....happy and grateful for the generosity of the creators.
I read a few other blogs listing all great prizes...too. So much to do little time.
And today I am enjoying my gifts from !g0! store. I am wearing Day 4 and Day 5 ...dress and coat.
They are so well made...they fit perfectly together.
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Stella d'Encore
Store: The White Armory
Creator: Bee Dumpling
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Gift : La Belle Iseult Gown Set-Cherry

Stella d'Encore
Store: EVIE Store
Creator: ᴇᴠɪᴇ (neveril)

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Ride to EVIE Store

Stella d'Encore
If you love bold beautiful prints, light and delicate feminine dresses, classy & elegant visit Artizana today.
Owned by Dainie Fraina. I really like this store. Here I am showing you couple of group gifts given to members of Fabulously Free in SL and Mesh Body Friends. If you join Artizana group you will be rewarded with many beautiful outfits divided by seasons. To be found in Group Love corner!
 It will take only L$100 to join.

Here is your ride to Artizana   

Oh and one more gift from SL F&O group.

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Store: Love Home & Garden Sim
Creator: Krys  (Krystali Rabieni)

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Always fun discovering a new store. What brought me here ...was purple Volkswagen Beetle I used to take a few pictures. I liked it and I wanted to find out more about Krys and her creations.
I joined the group...and checked get a lovely surprise...first gift of Christmas. It was         LOVE - THE BOOK LOVER'S TREE. I love books...and I thought this was so creative.

    There are few more unique gifts...I am sure you will like/use/enjoy at least one of them. 
Let me show what I found. If you like....visit Love Home & Garden Store

Lacy Mask in 5 colors.

Cute Antlers
Fill Your space with light and stars

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Stella d'Encore
1. Unique and classy Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Etienne.
 I love it very much. The Saturday Sale Event L$ 75

Ride to Moon Hair

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2. Comfy and Colorful Cutiepie Stockings from Lybra.
   The Saturday Sale Event ( 24 hours to shop) L$75
    Hud with 8 choices of colors/patterns.

   Ride to Lybra

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