Monte Teardrop
Centopallini.. is Jewelry and some classy period clothes..little vintage...little Paris
 Go there ..look around....join the group and grab few gifts..
Inside the store on the table you will find necklace, bracelet, heart brooch...picture...
Look under table for feather earrings
Perhaps you will find some goodies to buy there too !
This store is located in old 1900 Paris...Have a look around...check other places.
One of my very favorite sims 
Limo to Centopallini !
Store : Centopallini
Creator : Caran Juran

Love Monte~
Monte Teardrop
I would like to share this great little outfit with you...
it comes from Marketplace. It was created by Roslynd Turbo. Her store is named : Plausible Body. If you take time to visit her store will find many interesting items...and you can chose how much you want to pay for them...there is  more costumes,some nice latex...and more. It is called what you want. Please if you chose to buy generous !

Now Monte can go back to pixel

Monte Teardrop
:::Crystal Ball ...if you can read it ....

Monte Witch not included lol...It is beautiful prop.. for any SL witches and fortune tellers... To get it please join this group secondlife:///app/group/302889b2-77fe-87d4-262a-bf7a62ad779e/about
Group gift here
And check the to tiki area...outside ..lots of interesting items ...great prizes
Kiss Monte~
Thank you Kyya Teardrop for this great table !!!

Name of the shop : hypnotizing creations
Monte Teardrop
I call them mine..because I love them...they dont require feeding, they dont breed...they just here ...waiting for you to come home and follow you with their beautiful big eyes.
I hope you find room for one of them...and love them too...
They cost L$ 30 and you can find them here..
Love Monte~
PS. Each kitty is 2 prims.
Monte Teardrop
One day ...I will have a room like is perfect in every way ....except turtles perhaps. If you ever see library like this...please send me LM. I've been dreaming to live in place like this for a long time...
It is here --->

It belongs to Club Lizard Tail by HarumiT Tammas. It is open to Im planning to be here often...

Kiss Monte~
PS. If  you have room like this...I will move in and pay rent :)
Monte Teardrop

Join and stay in this group... Why you ask ? Because they make great low prom , low cost furniture and they are generous with their those vintage for group members. There is more...if you look ...around and in.
To get them:

Kiss Monte~

Monte Teardrop
To get it need to get 14 of your friends to join you ..for a sit
Go here :::SIT & WIN....Prize X-clusives Texture Change Pool Table 
Now need 15 to win !!! Come here for a minute !!! :) :::
Very easy and fun ...and way to see your friends !
Your pool table will look like the one on the picture !
with other textures to chose..
Love Monte~